About AIC Stories

AIC Stories is published by the Agency for Integrated Care for caregivers and seniors to learn more about financial assistance, Community Care services, caregiving support, and tips on active ageing and ageing well. It seeks to educate Singaporeans, including Pioneer Generation and Merdeka Generation seniors, about the useful resources and support available. Besides personal anecdotes from older Singaporeans and their families and loved ones, readers can get the latest information on caregiving and eldercare support, learn about ways to live well and age in place, and get tips and advice from care professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, geriatric experts, and more.

How Can We Improve the Appetite of Seniors?

17 Jun 2021 | 1 view
Do you wonder if your senior loved one is getting enough daily nutrients? Have you been finding ways to improve their appetite? Hear from an expert dietitian about how to improve their appetite with healthy meal plans, and tips for preparing delicious yet healthy food!