cg personalities


Caregiving is a journey of learning and discovery. No two experiences are the same, and every caregiver has their own ways of navigating the journey together with their loved ones.

You’ve probably found out what your music listening personality is from Spotify. Now, find out what your caregiver personality is with this quiz that we came up with based on some of the personalities that we have come across

Q1: What is your ideal way of spending time with your loved one?

A. Exploring new places together.

B. Doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we are doing it together!

C. Checking something off my loved one’s bucket list.

D. Doing something different from our daily routine that we both enjoy.


Q2: What is the highlight of caregiving for you?

A. Learning new things about my loved one every day.

B. Creating memories together with my loved one and sharing my experiences with friends.

C. Being the person who understands my loved one the best, and always knowing what he/she needs.

D. Spending quality time together with my loved one every day.


Q3: Your loved one lights up because you…

A. Have planned an exciting outing for them.

B. Spend hours just listening to the stories they have to tell.

C. Are not afraid to express your love towards them.

D. Know exactly what they need and when they need it.


Q4: Your loved one values your ______ most.

A. Cheerful personality

B. Giving nature

C. Words of affection

D. Attentiveness

If you scored...

Mostly As:

The Voyager
The Voyager

Your care language is to go on an exploration with your loved one, be it bringing them to Gardens by the Bay or Johor Bahru. You love taking them on an adventure.

Mostly Bs:

The Enthusiast
The Enthusiast

Your loved one’s biggest fan. You bring them up to your friends at every opportunity, and simply love spending time with them. You just want the best for your loved one, always!

Mostly Cs:

The Devotee
The Devotee

Who knows your loved one the best? You do! There’s a reason why they adore you — you just know the right words to say and right things to do to make them feel loved.

Mostly Ds:

The Deep Diver
The Deep Diver

You don’t only take your loved one out on weekends, but also take care of them on the daily. You know and love everything about them.

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