DOs and DON’Ts on filling your AIC Long Term Care Schemes application form

DOs and DON’Ts on filling your AIC Long Term Care Schemes application form

23 May 2019

The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) provides financial assistance to seniors with health conditions through its long-term care schemes. The financial assistance can come in the form of cash assistance as well as grants to offset cost for care of the senior.

These schemes include:

To prevent delays in receiving your grant payout, it is essential that your AIC Long Term Care Schemes application form is accurately filled out. Here are some tips to guide you through the process:


DO ensure you or the applicant are eligible for the scheme being applied for.


DO go for a disability assessment before applying.

IDAPE Accessor

DON'T forget that the Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly (IDAPE) application requires an approved IDAPE assessor to provide a disability assessment and submit the forms for you.

Supporting Documents

DO check that all necessary supporting documents are included.

Details Match

DO ensure information on the supporting documents (such as your home address) matches with what was written on your application form.


DO ensure details in the form and supporting documents are legible and not cut off.

FDW Address

DO update the Foreign Domestic Worker’s Work Permit address to be the same as the FDW employer’s address if applying for the FDW Grant.

FDW Grant

DO include training certificates of AIC-approved FDW Grant caregiver training if you are applying for the FDW Grant.

House Hold Means Testing

DO ensure all household members (including FDW employer if applicant is not the employer) are included for the financial status means test.


DO ensure all necessary persons have signed or affixed their thumbprints (for application form) and organisation stamps.

White Out

DON'T use correction fluid or tape if you need to make changes on the form. Strike out the errors and rewrite the correct details. Please countersign against all changes made.