AIC Connects You to Community Care Services and Support

AIC Connects You to Community Care Services and Support

18 Sep 2019

Did you know that Singaporeans have one of the longest life expectancies in the world?

It becomes even more important to live well and age well. Staying healthy enables us to do the things we love after retirement, stay engaged in our community and remain independent.

To this end, it is crucial to be supported by a care network that watches out for our well-being – medically and financially. It is equally important to know how you can maintain your health and stay active.

This is where AIC can help. AIC reaches out to caregivers and seniors with information on staying active and ageing well, and connects people to services they need.


AIC Connects People to Care Services and Financial Assistance

Looking for care options for seniors? Wondering if there are subsidies for mobility aids? AIC links you up with community-based care services, which provide care to seniors who need help in their daily living, and programmes that engage and stimulate seniors physically and mentally.

There are three main types of care services:

Care at Home
Care at Centre
Stay-in Care
Care at Home Care at Centre Stay-in Care
Care services that take place at the senior’s home, such as Home Nursing, Meal Delivery and Medical Escort for medical appointments. Care centres where seniors can visit during the day, and return home to their families in the evening. Care facilities for seniors who cannot look after themselves or require specialised care that cannot be provided at home.

Find out more about care services.

If your elderly loved ones need mobility devices or caregiving services, there are financial schemes that help defray these costs.

Here are the four types of financial assistance:

Daily Living
Medical Fees
Daily Living Mobility Caregiving Medical Fees
Help seniors stay independent and mobile in their community.

Help seniors with disabilities in the activities of daily living or for medical fees.

Here are some tips when applying for financial schemes.

Offer caregivers financial assistance in learning new skills or get help to better care for their loved ones. Offer affordable healthcare to Singapore Citizens.


AIC Connects Caregivers to Information and Support

If you are looking after an elderly loved one, AIC offers information on training and respite services which helps you better care for your loved one. It also provides resources to support caregivers.

Caregiving Training Respite Care Online Information and Resources
Learn techniques and tips to care for your loved ones. Services that let caregivers take a break. Includes caregiving tips, caregiver information kit, advance planning and caregiver stories. Find out more.


AIC Connects with Seniors to Understand Their Needs and Help Them Stay Active

Unsure of what government benefits your elderly loved ones are entitled to? Or want to know how seniors keep active as they age? Watch out for Silver Generation (SG) Ambassadors from the Silver Generation Office (SGO), who might just knock on your door or show up at seniors’ workplace. Now under AIC, SG Ambassadors reach out to those over 60 years old to communicate on the government benefits and promote healthy lifestyles

1. Educating on government benefits
The SG Ambassadors engage the Merdeka Generation seniors at work, at home or in the community to educate them on the Merdeka Generation Package benefits. They also make house visits to seniors to share available financial schemes based on seniors’ health, living and financial conditions.

2. Promoting health and active ageing
The Project Silver Screen is a national health screening programme that screens those aged 60 years and above on their vision, hearing and oral health. If your loved one lives alone or is alone during the day, AIC can match them with volunteer befrienders in their neighbourhood to lend a listening ear or a helping hand.


AIC Connects Partners to Resources

AIC works with different service partners in the sector to provide caregivers and their loved ones with resources. Workforce development and increasing productivity and service quality are key areas of focus to ensure the sector stays relevant to the community.

AIC partners providers in the sector on career development opportunities through training, scholarships, awards and traineeship programmes. Training programmes include Community Care Traineeship Programme and Return-to-Nursing Programme. Candidates can apply for Community Care Training Grant to further their training.

AIC aims to improve sector productivity and quality by sharing best practices by the sector to practitioners in Community Care with the biennial Quality and Productivity Festival. As part of this event, the Community Care Excellence Awards was created to recognise the contributions of those in the sector who go above and beyond their duty to deliver quality care to their clients.


AIC Is Your One-stop Resource Centre

In a nutshell, AIC connects you to Community Care. Here are the various ways you can reach us for help:


At this one-stop resource library, you can find anything from means-testing forms, care services and programmes, and information on financial assistance.


Call 1800-650-6060

You can call our hotline at 1800-650-6060 to speak with our Customer Care Officers for advice.


Visit AIC Link

These are physical touchpoints island-wide where our Care Consultants can assess your needs and provide information. You can also pick up applications forms there for financial schemes.