Ways to Learn About Your Merdeka Generation Package Benefits

Ways to Learn About Your Merdeka Generation Package Benefits

27 May 2019

The Merdeka Generation Package (MGP) was unveiled during the National Day Rally 2018 by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to show our appreciation to Merdeka Generation (MG) seniors. Those who are eligible would have received their letter by now. From late June 2019, they can look forward to getting their MGP welcome folder that contains the Merdeka Generation card,details of the package and how they can enjoy their benefits, which starts in July.

You may have some questions in mind: How does the MGP help you with your healthcare cost concerns while supporting you in ageing actively? Do you automatically qualify for the MediSave top up? What are the subsidies you can get at the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) clinics? What can you use the $100 PAssion Silver card top-up for?

There are a few ways you can find the answers, be it at your workplace, in the community or at home.

Who's Providing the Answers?

Since April, the Silver Generation Office (SGO) has been reaching out to MG seniors to share the benefits of the MGP and answer questions about the package.

As many of the MG seniors are still working and active, SGO has been reaching out to them through workplace engagement sessions in the form of group briefings and or one-to-one personalised engagement clinics.

ComfortDelGro is one of the first few companies to host such workplace engagement for about 200 of its cabbies in March 2019. Companies who wish to request for SGO to conduct workplace engagements may email [email protected].

Besides workplace engagement session, SGO’s volunteers known as Silver Generation (SG) Ambassadors have also been engaging MG seniors in the community nodes and at home.

We’ve summed up the different ways you can learn more about the MGP and raise your questions:


  1. Workplace Group Engagement
    SGO will visit companies to brief the MG in large groups. The SG Ambassadors will explain the package details and answer your questions during the session.
    Mr. Haniff B Mahbob looks forward to annual Medisave top-ups, a benefit from his Merdeka Generation package
    I look forward to receiving the annual MediSave top-ups. I am glad that these sessions were organised at the recent Cabbies' Carnival as that will reach out to many cabbies like me who are from the Merdeka Generation," shared 66-year-old Mr. Haniff B Mahbob.


  2. Workplace One-to-One Engagement
    A personalised engagement session where you can speak to one of the SG Ambassadors and find out more about the MGP. During the engagement clinic, the Ambassador will analyse your health, financial and social situations, and link you up with schemes and assistance if needed.
    V A Moorthy now better understand how CHAS can benefit him during the one-to-one session about the Merdeka Generation Package
    I think the $100 PAssion Silver card top-up is beneficial and I understand better how CHAS can benefit me,” shared 60-year-old V A Moorthy.


  3. Door-to-door Home Visit
    If you still need further clarification after the workplace engagement, you can request for a home visit by the SG Ambassadors by calling the Singapore Silver Line (1800-650-6060) to make an appointment.
  4. Community Outreach
    SG Ambassadors will also be visiting places that MG seniors frequent such as hawker centres and community centres to explain about the MG Package and how it benefits you.
  5. Digital Self-Help
    Available in four languages, the Merdeka Generation website is a great resource to find out more about the package. Have a question? Just submit a form on the website.

What is the Merdeka Generation Package at a Glance

The Merdeka Generation Package Benefits at a Glance
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