AIC #EatWell Recipes: Lauk Singgang (Fish Fillet Soup) in 5 Steps

AIC #EatWell Recipes: Lauk Singgang (Fish Fillet Soup) in 5 Steps

25 Aug 2020

Lauk Singgang, or fillet fish soup, is a home-cooked dish ideal for those looking for a light yet appetising meal.

A light fish-based soup with a hint of sour and sweetness, this dish is great on its own or when paired with rice. Lauk Singgang uses a variety of ingredients like tamarind, shrimp paste (belacan) and coriander leaves to enhance the flavour of the dish. Nonetheless, it’s a relatively simple dish to pull off. 

Don’t just take our word for it — prepare a tasty bowl of Lauk Singgang for yourself, or your loved ones by following our recipe here.

What You’ll Need


  1. 320gm of Fish fillet/ sea bass (sliced)
  2. 2 Sprigs of Fresh coriander leaves
  3. 2 Cloves of Garlic (peeled and finely sliced)
  4. 1 Piece of Green chilli (de-seeded and diced)
  5. 1 Piece of Red chilli (de-seeded and diced)
  6. 140gm of Yellow onion (peeled and sliced)
  7. 20gm of Ginger (peeled and finely sliced)
  8. 2 Tablespoons of Cooking oil
  9. ½ Tablespoon of Salt
  10. 40gm of Tamarind paste /assam
  11. 20gm of Spicy shrimp paste / belachan
  12. 500ml of Water

Let’s Start Making Lauk Singgang (Fish Fillet Soup)

Step 1 - Heat oil in a soup pot. Add sliced garlic, onion, and ginger and fry until fragrant.

Step 2 - Add diced chilli and cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Set the soup pot aside.

Step 3 - Mix the shrimp and tamarind paste with water in a separate bowl.

Step 4 - Strain mixture (Step 3) into the soup pot and bring to a boil.

Step 5 - Add the fish slices to the broth, bring to a boil and add salt. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and serve with rice. (Optional: Serve with sambal chilli).

Nutritional Values of Lauk Singgang (Fish Fillet Soup)

Energy: 257kcal
Protein: 9g
Total Fat: 18g
Saturated Fat: 5g
Cholesterol: 24mg
Carbohydrate: 27g
Dietary Fibre: 2g
Sodium: 967mg
Folate: 2µg
Calcium: 42mg
Iron: 2mg

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