Steps for Seniors to Become More Digitally Savvy

Steps for Seniors to Become More Digitally Savvy

29 Aug 2019

If you are a senior looking to brush up on digital skills, here are the steps to get started:

Decide what you want to learn

1. Decide what you want to learn

Start with the basics. Visit sites such as IM Silver (by IMDA) or National Silver Academy (administered by the Council for Third Age, C3A) to look at what topics are relevant to you. Want some ideas? Popular topics include: how to use smartphones, digital photography and media management, and digital transactions.


Learn Independently Online

2. Learn independently online

IM Silver has some online resources to get you started. You can pick from topics such as introduction to computers and mobile devices, guide to accessing some government services, how to protect yourself online, and more. All you’ll need is just a couple of minutes to get through the bite-sized chunks of information.


Join Digital Courses

3. Join digital courses for seniors and learn from experienced teachers and your peers

If you prefer a hands-on approach, take a look at the courses offered by IMDA’s Silver Infocomm Junctions (SIJs). There are more than 30 SIJs here, including RSVP Singapore and selected community centres, where seniors can attend affordable infocomm training close to their home.

Alternatively, you can also sign up for the upcoming Silver Infocomm Fiesta, organised by IMDA, to pick up useful digital skills on basic smartphone usage, e-payment and digital creativity.

If you wish to go even further and deeper into a topic, check out National Silver Academy (NSA), which offers 3-hour bite-sized courses and short courses with a diverse range of topics that you can pick from.

As a bonus, seniors aged 50 years and above can enjoy subsidised course fees under the National Silver Academy. Most courses are SkillsFuture Credit eligible too. You can find out more about the subsidies under the respective sections on the National Silver Academy site.

Unsure if you should embark on the digital journey? It’s never too late to learn. Read this article on three seniors sharing how they went from being tech newbies to embracing technology, with two even teaching peers on smart devices.